Bowling For The Greater Good

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Non-profit organizations and community groups have a real challenge in engaging their stakeholders. Beyond the reach of websites, TV commercials and literature, these organizations need to connect with people in real life. Rather than limiting themselves to volunteer events and rallies, non-profits and communities come together through fun activities that put a globally-minded spin on leisure. Bowling is a popular way for groups to raise funds, open minds and give people a chance to connect they might not otherwise have.

Fun Fundraising

Though donating to charity groups can be rewarding on its own, non-profits can pull in more money from a wider range of people by tying the act of giving to a fun outing. Bowling is great in this regard because it's good for all ages, its competitive nature lends itself to fundraising just like marathons and it's available any time of year. Typically, bowling for the greater good events ask each player or each team to pledge a minimum amount, then offer prizes for the top donating teams and teams that place highly in a tournament. Charities can also use these events to attract extra support from sponsors who want to take advantage of the large crowd of participants and spectators. A number of charities large and small have regular bowling events, including:

Raising Awareness

One of the biggest challenges for non-profit organizations is sharing the narrative of their causes with potential stakeholders. It can be difficult to reach people who don't already have a vested interest in the topic, such as friends and loved ones of disease victims. Bowling events happen in public and offer an excellent opportunity to not only show onlookers the organization's name and goals, but also demonstrate that there's a community out there that's dedicated to the cause and welcoming to newcomers. Here are a number of good examples:

Serving Special Needs Communities

People who live with special needs are often limited and isolated from the rest of the world. Activities like barbecues, banquets and bowling for the greater good let special needs communities have the social connections they deserve and might not otherwise get. A number of organizations create such opportunities for everyone from veterans to people living with disabilities. Some groups even find a way to use technology to give people a chance to bowl who otherwise wouldn't be able to.

Rolling that rock down the lane and getting that clean strike feels great, but bowling for the greater good is fulfilling even for those gutterballs. Whether it's about raising funds, opening minds or giving people a chance to stay active, bowling is a true community sport.