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The 2 Most Popular High Performance Bowling Balls To Start 2011 Are?

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Posted May 11, 2011 In: Bowling Balls | Bowlingball | Hammer | Storm

The sport of bowling continues to get harder, and harder as the level of competition grows. Other than having the correct technique on how to bowl, your next best tool is your bowling ball. With the amount of bowling balls that are released it is hard to know, which one to put your hard earned money into. Hopefully this article will help you by looking at the top 2 high performance bowling balls to start 2011.

Hammer Taboo Blue/SilverThe first ball we are going to look at is the Hammer Taboo. The Hammer Taboo has been a very good high performance ball for many bowlers. It is a ball that is made for Medium to Heavy oiled lanes. One of the biggest complements that bowlers are giving the Hammer Taboo is that it is a consistent ball. That is one of the biggest problems in bowling is getting a consistent shot, and the Hammer Taboo can help you accomplish that. Here is how Hammer describes their new top selling bowling ball, Hammer Bowling's original rule breaker is at it again. Introducing the hot new Taboo. First we started with the venerable Black Widow core. Then we wrapped it in our brand new Grand Theft Reactive Coverstock. And, as if that wasn't enough, It's our first ball to be poured with our game-changing HD color process. What's that mean for you? Far more hook and continuation in the backend culminating in a ball that just strikes more. The Hammer Taboo is definitely a ball worth having in your lineup. It is currently on sale at www.bowling.com.

Storm Virtual Gravity NanoThe second ball is the Storm Virtual Gravity Nano. This ball has been on fire, and is the hottest selling ball for the month of April 2011. Storm is known for producing the best high performance balls on the market. When the Virtual Gravity was released in 2008, it not only turned heads but gave bowlers of all skill levels an unprecedented amount of hook on even the oiliest lanes imaginable. The new Virtual Gravity Nano is intended to create a similar yet stronger ball motion built specifically for heavy oil. This can be accomplished with either a stronger coverstock (texture) or more aggressive weight block (lower radius of gyration or increased differential). As the original Virtual Gravity quickly became Storm's all-time best seller, the new Nano is sure to follow in its footsteps...and yes, those are big shoes to fill! Looking at the original Virtual Gravity, the Shape-Lock HD weight block/core system produced a fast-revving action that especially helped bowlers looking for a stronger change of direction usually privy to only those with big rev rates! The Shape-Lock HD motor will continue to power the Nano as well. A breakthrough in coverstock technology rarely happens due to the complex nature of chemistry and polymer science. But Storm's research and development team is committed to maintaining the "pole position" in bowling innovation, so it's no surprise that we are changing the game yet again with the new NRG cover. With nanotechnology, NRG will give bowlers increased oil traction due to the micro-dynamic enhancements of the surface. Just looking at the surface of the new NRG material shows you the increased surface texture between the peaks and valleys, as well as the more aggressive edges on the top of the peaks! Storm is continuing to push the envelope, and the Storm Virtual Gravity Nano does just that.

This is a breakdown of the 2 most popular high performance balls for 2011, so far. We think you can not go wrong with either of the Hammer Taboo, or Storm Virtual Gravity Nano. It really comes down to what color you like best.


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