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9 Year Old's Goal is to Bowl in all 48 Contiguous States

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Posted Sep 16, 2013 In: Bowling News

Natalie Savant is a 9-year-old girl from San Antonio, Texas. Her quest this summer is to bowl in all 48 contiguous states.

Natalie’s tour began in April as her family planned a spring break visit to Nevada and other states. “Natalie asked if she could bring her bowling ball, so we said, ‘Why not?’ ” said Natalie’s mother, Ginger Savant. “Then I asked how many states we’d be visiting,” said Natalie Savant, “because I wanted to bowl in all of them.”

From there, it “snowballed,” said Natalie’s mother. It grew into a project to spread the word about youth bowling and to raise money for scholarships for other young bowlers. The tour’s aim is to bring in money for the scholarship sponsored by Natalie’s youth bowling league in San Antonio.

The tour has gained a pretty big following and has jump started her own college fund with bowling scholarships. You can check out the project’s Facebook page, “Natalie’s Striking Summer,” in case you were wondering it already has more than 3,500 followers.

As any 9 year old girl would, Natalie is enjoying the attention. "It’s fitting that the bowling ball she picked is pink and called “The Diva,” Ginger Savant said. “That’s what Natalie is called at home all the time.”

Natalie pointed out her bowling shirt, which matched the ball: bright pink with “The Diva” written in black cursive.

Natalie has made it through half the states and we're pulling for her. I think we all can get behind a girl who loves bowling especially when she said, “I want to keep bowling forever."

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