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Welcome 2 Bowling returns in 2013-2014

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Posted Oct 11, 2013 In: Bowling News

For those new to bowling in a league, and those coming back to the sport after an extended break, USBC is ready to offer instructional help – and a little fun.

The Welcome 2 Bowling program returns for a third season in 2013-2014. This time around, the program not only will provide bowling fundamentals to help new bowlers who are competing in a league for the first time, but also will have advanced coaching instruction available for the more accomplished bowlers.

The “new” USBC member does not necessarily refer to someone completely new to the sport of bowling. First-year USBC members have varying degrees of bowling experience. While some actually might be trying the sport for the first time, others might have bowled regularly in leagues years ago or might have been regular open-play bowlers.

“Each season, USBC sees thousands of bowlers join a league for the first time and we want these new USBC members to succeed on the lanes,” Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, USBC Director of Coaching Certification and Development, said. “We think the coaching instruction we provide through Welcome 2 Bowling can help bowlers improve their game. We know if the bowlers are improving, it creates a more enjoyable experience and makes them more likely to remain in the sport.”

Bowling is the largest participation sport in the United States so the Welcome 2 Bowling program also will feature entertaining videos and articles that show why the sport is enjoyed by so many. Bowlers will learn how a bowling ball is made and see what happens when a ball-throwing robot named E.A.R.L. takes on a professional bowler in a one-game match.

Each month this season, Welcome 2 Bowling will email the “new” USBC members bowling tips and interesting features about the sport. The tips and features also will be available online and will be updated each month so bowlers will have easy access to the information.

Go to BOWL.com/Welcome to check out the Welcome 2 Bowling program.


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