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Reviewed 11/14/2020
by Donny Carr from Laurel Maryland
"Another great HB"

900Global Honey Badger Revival The 900 Global HB Revival
Badger, HB, stable names in the Badger line of great balls and the HB revival adds to the line of greatness. The S70 hybrid cover one of the best will give you traction in the oil without burning
energy at too fast of a rate. With the stored energy the 900 Global Revival will produce a very angular
move off the dry portion of the lane, this angular move is very controllable it is not a massive snap
which is hard to read during lane transition. High speed bowlers will love that they can be aggressive
without over…

Reviewed 11/14/2020
by Donny Carr from Laurel Maryland
"Perfect benchmark ball"

900Global Aspect Solid The 900 Global Aspect
If you are looking for a benchmark ball and you're not sure what to decide on, the 900 Global Aspect
should be your choice. The S77 response solid cover is perfect for getting a read on the lane pattern, and in many cases, there is no need to switch to another ball. It is a perfect blend of skid, hook, and roll, it does not over or under react on most patterns. Slower speed bowlers 17mph or less can use the aspect on slightly heavier oil volume. It is the first ball out of my bag to get a read on the pattern or to…

Reviewed 11/14/2020
by Donny Carr from Laurel Maryland
"Really great ball at a low price"

900Global Afterburner Blue/Black Hybrid The 900 Global After Burner
Versatile describes this ball perfectly. High rev bowlers with speed, this could be a dry lane ball,
Medium to low rev bowlers with medium to low speed this could be used on the fresh or slightly
dry. In some cases, with longer oil but a dry backend it can be used. The S62 hybrid cover is stronger
than most covers possibly all in the lower priced balls. I was totally surprised at the reaction I got on a few different lane conditions. I have medium speed and medium revs and all I did was changed angles
and adjusted…

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