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900Global Truth Tour
900Global Truth Tour Reviewed: Sunday, Apr 15, 2018 Reviewer: Donny Carr from Ft. meade Md. The Truth Tour
A very predictable and versatile ball for heavy to medium heavy oil.
Slower speed bowlers can use this ball on heavy oil as well as high rev player's
The Truth Tour is perfect for sport patterns, flat patterns, or patterns that are hard to
find a comfortable place on the lanes to play. This ball is very smooth but delays
enough to have a very strong backend reaction. In many cases this would be the first ball out of your bag to get a reading on the lane condition, and might be the ball of choice for the condition. If you have… - Bottom Line:
900Global Badger
900Global Badger Reviewed: Thursday, Mar 22, 2018 Reviewer: Srbowlr67 from Grafton MA The Hybrid Badger is the perfect complement to the Honey Badger. The symmetrical core in the Badger produces a more arc like backend rather than the angular back end of the Honey Badger. I drilled mine 55 x 4 1/8 x 40 with a hole on my PAP 7/8 x 1 1/2. On a fresh Kegel Middle Road (39') pattern, the Badger produced a nice midlane read and a strong arcing move on the backend. On a kegel 39' challenge shot,(39', 8:1 ratio) I used the Badger after the transition. I was able to move left and open up the angle through the front to a breakpoint at… - Bottom Line:
900Global Inception DCT Pearl
900Global Inception DCT Pearl Reviewed: Monday, Mar 5, 2018 Reviewer: Brindle from Tampa, FL I was so surprised at the consistent reaction I received from this ball. I tend to lose carry when I have to throw from different areas of the lane other than my track area, but this ball keeps striking over and over again no matter where I was at. For me it reads the mid-lane very well and never loses its natural power through the pins. Will be ordering 1 or 2 more to keep when they are gone. Definitely need to pick one of these up before it is too late. - Bottom Line:
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