900 Global Bowling Gear

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Recent 900 Global Reviews

Reviewed: Monday, May 15, 2023
Reviewer: Aye-Aye-Ron from Phoenix
Pretty good bag for the price
The bag comes with many straps so you can carry it in any way. The pouch for shoes is great, here is another pouch that can perfectly fit a bowling ball. That's right, technically this is a 4 ball bag(with the attached accessory bag)
Reviewed: Friday, Apr 21, 2023
Reviewer: Casey Mattingly from Indiana
Fantastic Asym Pearl!
This was the ball that I had the most anticipation about. The core was something that came from a ball that I LOVED a few years back in the Black Ops with the cover of the Altered Reality. My anticipation was for good reason as this ball does not disappoint. Out of the box for me, it’s pretty clean in the fronts, It reads the mids well, then it makes this motion down lane which is strong but not bouncy off the dry. This ball takes surface very well and when I hit this ball with a 1500 pad It really brought the break point closer to me but…