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Ebonite has been at it for well over a hundred years consistently crafting high-quality, performance bowling balls and gear for every level of bowler. If you're just starting out or looking to upgrade your game Ebonite bowling gear is a great place to start!

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Reviewed: Friday, Jun 17, 2022
Reviewer: Hilz from Washington, DC
Couldn't be happier!

Ebonite Maxim Pink Limeade I'm a new bowler and I have to be honest, I chose the ball based on the colors but I have not been disappointed! I was a little unsure about the drilling size but ultimately went with large and it gives me plenty of room (even for long fingernails!). From what I have read, the "spare" ball does what it is supposed to do- goes where it's supposed to without much spin and that works for me right now! I'm sure experienced bowlers will have a chuckle at this review but I'm super happy with my purchase and absolutely recommend it!

Reviewed: Sunday, Jun 5, 2022
Reviewer: Tommy P from Toledo, OH

Ebonite Game Breaker 4 Pearl SMOOOOOTH!! I drill mine stack leverage so I can have a tiny flair and get down lane further. This ball goes very far and turns very hard! If you are looking for a ball that can play down and in on multiple lane conditions, look no further! My bread and butter is down and in and absolutely love this ball! This is a must have for any level of bowler.

Reviewed: Thursday, Jun 2, 2022
Reviewer: Bob N from Pacifica
Ebonite Envision

Ebonite Envision The Envision is a nice blend of smooth & power. The ball has a nice rounded motion but still has good drive on the pin deck. I see using this ball on both league & tournament conditions. It fits my eye as a benchmark ball. I drilled mine at 65 x 4 x 30. While covering about the same number of boards as my GB4 Solid, it has a little more kick through the pins. It's in the arsenal. :-)