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Ebonite has been at it for well over a hundred years consistently crafting high-quality, performance bowling balls and gear for every level of bowler. If you're just starting out or looking to upgrade your game Ebonite bowling gear is a great place to start!

Recent Ebonite Reviews

Reviewed: Wednesday, Mar 29, 2023
Reviewer: Bob Newman from Pacifica
Ebonite GB4 Hybrid
I am a big fan of 2.48 & 0.048 RG & Diff numbers. I've liked every ball I've drilled that started with these numbers and the GB4 Hybrid is no exception. The polish on this hybrid allows it to get through the front part of the lane easily while the HK22 additive and big core allow it to stand up and hit down lane. I think this ball will be good on a variety of conditions.
Reviewed: Thursday, Mar 9, 2023
Reviewer: Joebowler300 from Discovery Bay, CA
Nothing better than bringing back a classic. The Gamebreaker 2 is that ball that will always keep you in play regardless of the conditions. I’ve been able to throw it on short, medium, and long patterns and have seen all kinds of success. If you are a competitive tournament player, a regular league bowler, or just looking for a ball to throw when you go out with your friends, then I would highly recommend the GB2.
Reviewed: Thursday, Mar 2, 2023
Reviewer: jaybird from Delaware
a whole new base formula for the coverstock
new coverstock base formula for this ball. not just a new additive to formula but a whole new base. HK22. this ball is clean downlane and responses quickly off the dry. asym core is strong. good for med-heavier oil and skid/snappy shape