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Ebonite has been at it for well over a hundred years consistently crafting high-quality, performance bowling balls and gear for every level of bowler. If you're just starting out or looking to upgrade your game Ebonite bowling gear is a great place to start!

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Reviewed 4/8/2020
by Ryan Galli from NY
"Great compliment to the V2 remake"

Ebonite Omni One of the best Ebonite releases in the last 3 years! Darker colored balls roll great and this one follows the trend. The way I like to describe this ball is it is an Asymmetrical V2. It gets through the heads almost as clean as a V2 but has more mid lane and more pop down lane. Surface on the ball is super responsive to change; I was easily able to sand the ball to bring the breakpoint closer to me or get some lane shine on the ball and have it get cleaner. This is a great ball and I would recommend to anyone looking for a great overall ball

Reviewed 3/29/2020
by Stroker from Reno, NV
"Strong on Medium to short oil"

Ebonite Allure When my Omni starts breaking too early, I can go to my Allure and get a clean reaction through the heads and a strong continuous backend of the midlane. It is not skid flippy, definitely has more control.
I would not recommend the Allure for heavy long oil patterns, that is when I would use the Omni!

Reviewed 3/23/2019
by JP from CA
"Feels stable on back of hand and wrist."

Ebonite Pro Form Positioner Glove Left Hand Have only used this 3x but so far am happy with it.

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