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Reviewed: Tuesday, Oct 3, 2023
Reviewer: Motivman from South Carolina
Motiv Thrill Hybrid
The new definition of Entry Level has arrived. Dont be fooled by the price of these balls. If any other company tried to make a stronger ball it would not be entry level. With these balls you get upper level performance at entry level price. These balls give you more bang for your buck than ever before.

If your a THS bowler or looking for something controllable with great backend motion, these balls are for you.

The Hybrid in particular is great when those mids get dry from all the big solids we all see going down the lane.

Reviewed: Tuesday, Oct 3, 2023
Reviewer: Motivman from South Carolina
Motiv Thrill Solid
PAP: 5/1UP

Introducing the strongest entry level balls on the market. To get any stronger would no longer be entry level. The Solid Thrill is my pick for ball of the year. This is a ball that will compliment any style of bowler on a wide variety of lane and oil conditions. The shell is early enough that it sees the mid lane to give you a smooth and predictable motion to the pocket. It hits like no other entry level piece. If you're…
Reviewed: Thursday, Aug 31, 2023
Reviewer: Showstopper from St Paul
Seems pretty solid
Just got it, waiting for the bowling season to start. My first thoughts were the thickness of the material. Reminded me of the old school hockey bags, which were very durable. Second, were the zippers, the zipper handles, and the stitching. Looks very well constructed. Love the adjustable strap. It can be shortened enough where the bag is at waist level. (My previous bag, the strap was at length when every step i took, the ball was banging at my hip, so i had to carry my bag by the handles, making the shoulder strap obsolete) Plenty of extra…