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Recent Customer Reviews

Reviewed: Saturday, Oct 15, 2022
Reviewer: Kg from Indiana
Great For League
I would call this a very versatile/easy to use ball. Starts to pick up the lane fairly quickly, but does not seem to over react too much. Just a nice smooth arcing motion from the mids and down the lane. Was having pretty good success, even on the fresh. This Hustle USA covers plenty of boards, and pretty easy to get to the pocket. No big adjustments, just a couple boards and small speed changes. Played pretty much the same zone (second arrow) all night with a 221 high game. Very impressed with the performance of the hybrid cover. Seems…
Reviewed: Friday, Oct 14, 2022
Reviewer: Dylan from Hagerstown, MD
I started bowling 6 months ago, at first i was using reactive balls like the Storm Dark Code and Hy-Road, but when the lanes broke down i could not figure out where to aim. I started using this as my strike ball and i dont have to worry about lane transition anymore. i can play the same line over and over. my average is up to 185 and last week i bowled a 300 with it. this is the least expensive ball ive gotten, but it is by far my favorite. if youre playing on a house shot and you want to play straighter i highly recommend this ball.
Reviewed: Monday, Aug 15, 2022
Reviewer: Bowling dod from Washington
Wrong color shoes.
Ordered black shoes and received white shoes. Got them for my boys birthday on the 16th so we will see if he wants black or not may or may not send back.