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Recent Customer Reviews

Reviewed: Saturday, Jan 18, 2020
Reviewer: Drew from Greenville, SC
Tank Blitz
The layout I used on the Tank Blitz is 60x3x40. This bowling ball is something special! The hype is REAL!! I drilled a shorter pin to PAP to enhance the smoothness of this ball. This ball will be going everywhere with me. Comparing this ball to the Covert Tank, the Blitz is overall a stronger ball. It is earlier and more continuous to its counterpart. The Tank Blitz is a very versatile piece that can be drilled to favor urethane reaction or drilled to roll just like most reactive balls. You do NOT want to miss out on this ball!

Reviewed: Thursday, Jan 9, 2020
Reviewer: Casey from Alexandria, IN
Storm All Road
All Road is the newest family member to the HyRoad Family. With the HyRoad core and the PhysiX cover, this ball is sure to make waves! The PhysiX has been the first ball out of my bag this season. With that ball being so strong and the next ball down being quite a bit weaker, I have needed a ball that will complement the Physix more. This ball has been the answer. With the cover having nano in it, it blends the pattern when needed while having that familiar HyRoad pop.

I am really the success with the current line! The only con is that I…
Reviewed: Sunday, Dec 29, 2019
Reviewer: Rick K: 900 Global Staff Member from Penndel, PA
Hard Hitting Beauty!
The Honey Badger Extreme, Plus 750 Series, is TNT for any arsenal! The Honey Badger Extreme Pearl is a guided missile with one mission! Explode on impact! Let's break down this "Pearl" weapon!

900 Global took it's highly successful 2-piece Grapnel Asymmetric Core (found in the original Honey Badger) and added an outer core which "has increased our dynamic integrity across the weights." OK, what does that mean? After rolling a 15 lb. version, what I witnessed was a ROLL that rivals' the best of a 16 lb. ball crunch! Light hits swirled,…
Reviewed: Thursday, Mar 31, 2016
Reviewer: lucky10 from Sheboygan,WI
best ball holding product
if needed i would by this product again