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It all started with a single black ball called the Hammer with a urethane shell twice as thick as other bowling ball makers were using. The result? It hit harder and knocked down more pins! This was the first in a long line of no-nonsense high-performance bowling balls for serious bowlers. It's still true today. "Nothing hits like a Hammer."


Hammer Vibe Blue
Hammer Vibe Blue Reviewed: Friday, Oct 6, 2017 Reviewer: Jon from North Clarendon, VT Nicest thing about the re made blue vibe is it's almost identical to the old ones. If I had to pick anything different, I'd say that the re make backends more than the old one but not by a lot. Great rolling ball in a great price range! - Bottom Line:
Hammer Diesel
Hammer Diesel Reviewed: Thursday, Sep 28, 2017 Reviewer: HAMMERHEAD216 from Cleveland , OH I have a high rev rate and ball speed. This ball loves that combination and many others. This ball chews through the mid lane and explodes off the spot. it is a great ball to open up the lane with even after you get some lane shine on it. I would keep an eye on if you dont have a lot of mid lane or head oil it can read quick and cause you to leave weak corners. Happy striking to you - Bottom Line:
Hammer Black Widow Gold
Hammer Black Widow Gold Reviewed: Saturday, Aug 26, 2017 Reviewer: Michael Thompson from Sarasota, FL BOWLER INFO:
PAP/Track: 5 5/16" x 5/8" up
Axis Rotation: 40 degrees
Axis Tilt: 13 degrees
Rev Rate: 385
Ball Speed: 17 mph

BALL LAYOUT USED: 50 x 5 3/8 x 35

I love the Semtex Pearl coverstock on my Phobia, so when I heard that the same cover is on the famous Gas Mask core of the Black Widow, very excited to hear this. The coverstock helps get the ball really clean through the fronts and offer a BIG backend motion that Hammerhead fans like to see. I see this cover a little stronger than advertised for a pearl ball and handles the heavier… - Bottom Line:
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