Hammer Bowling Gear

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It all started with a single black ball called the Hammer with a urethane shell twice as thick as other bowling ball makers were using. The result? It hit harder and knocked down more pins! This was the first in a long line of no-nonsense high-performance bowling balls for serious bowlers. It's still true today. "Nothing hits like a Hammer."

Recent Hammer Reviews

Reviewed: Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022
Reviewer: Bob Newman from Pacifica
Hammer 3-D Offset Attack with HK22 & Neo-flip is pretty darn good
The new Hammer 3-D Offset Attack is a nice upgrade from the previous 3-D version. The addition of HK22 base stock and some compound over the Neo-flip cover really get this ball shaping when it sees friction. It is cleaner going down lane and once it gets there it is 3-4 boards stronger than last year's model. For me it has similar coverage to the Hammer Ghost with a bit more kick. The light blue & navy along with the yellow & orange lettering look really good too.
Reviewed: Tuesday, Nov 1, 2022
Reviewer: Gerard from Greensburg
Dark Web
This ball reminds me of a stronger version of the Web Tour. I noticed the Dark Web definitely picks up sooner and stronger in the mid lane than the rest of the balls in the Web line. I was super excited to see this!!!! If you are looking for a ball to read the mid lane sooner and still have energy left to go through the pins then this is the ball for you. So far I really like starting the night with this ball. I’m really able to get a good feel for the lanes and open the lanes up!
Reviewed: Tuesday, Oct 18, 2022
Reviewer: Ian L from New York
Ocean Vibe - the classic Vibe line is back. Great ball for those medium to dry lane conditions. Strongest backending Vibe released to date. Best used when the lanes are breaking down later in league or towards the end of tournament blocks. Very clean through the front part of the lane strong reacting motion down lane.