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Reviewed: Sunday, Feb 21, 2021
Reviewer: Matt M from Wildomar, CA
Command Ball Review
The super high performance skid/flip pearls are typically not the best types of balls for my style and what I like to see on the lanes, but the Command is a brand of skid/flip that I can actually use. I am somewhat rev dominant, so the big skid/flip balls are typically hard to manage in the back, but the Command actually does a really good job of blending the lanes while maintaining a sharp entry angle. It still does what it is intended to do, like get through the front and create angle down-lane, but it doesn't sacrifice control to do…
Reviewed: Sunday, Jan 24, 2021
Reviewer: TheHopediamond22 from WA
Proof Hybrid
More proof that this line up is phenomenal. Proof hybrid is pretty easy through the front part of the lane. Has a good mid lane read and a fast change of direction. Not snappy but a strong hook. A few less overall then the solid but still that same continuous motion through the pins you are looking for. Perfect fit for when the solid is to much and the pearl isn’t enough. Together makes a great 3 ball combination in your bag. Don’t wait in this one.
Reviewed: Saturday, Jan 23, 2021
Reviewer: Tim from Harrisville, RI
Angular motion
Drilled my RESULTS PLUS with a 65, 3.5”, 20 layout. I found that it reacted to the friction hard and is great on the fresh with great recovery, I love mine on higher volumes, as I get the ball down early and need the oil to create an angular motion down lane.
Motiv Trident Horizon
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