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The biggest early advancement in bowling ball manufacturing was the use of polyester resin by Columbia 300 in 1960. In the five plus decades since then Columbia 300, Inc has innovated by putting a significant emphasis on research and development. Mix that with quality design and you get a great product for today's bowler!

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Reviewed 5/18/2020
by Chuck Tillman from White Hall, Maryland
"Hit the pocket with AUTHORITY"

Columbia 300 Authority The new Authority is really something special. One of two new releases from c300 the power and pin action of the AUTHORITY was beyond compare so much so that it felt like you could strike forever. Now we know this isn't true but my experience with this ball and it's updated ERT cover and new asymmetric core left me with that impression. The only thing that stopped the AUTHORITY was a virus. So stay safe everyone and when we get back to doing what we do, stop by your local Pro Shop and get one.

Reviewed 5/18/2020
by Chuck Tillman from White Hall, Maryland
"You shouldn't overlook the OUTLOOK"

Columbia 300 Outlook The OUTLOOK is the new mid-level release for C300 under the Brands of Brunswick and it should definitely be one to be looked at for benchmark consideration. With an enhanced version of the Exciter cover found on the Chaos line, the OUTLOOK provides the proper length down the lane without giving up lateral motion towards the pocket. The versatility of this new release at it's price point makes the OUTLOOK a ball you can't overlook!!

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