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The biggest early advancement in bowling ball manufacturing was the use of polyester resin by Columbia 300 in 1960. In the five plus decades since then Columbia 300, Inc has innovated by putting a significant emphasis on research and development. Mix that with quality design and you get a great product for today's bowler!

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Reviewed: Thursday, Mar 25, 2021
Reviewer: Chuck T. from White Hall, MD
Be A Swinger

Columbia 300 Dynamic Swing Pearl DYNAMIC SWING PEARL - My first impression of this ball was, to be honest skeptical. With the identical numbers, was the fact of being a pearl reactive be enough. The answer to that was a resounding YES!! The Dynamic Swing Pearl is indeed a must for those who loved the Full Swing Core and definitely complements the Dynamic Swing. I have found it very hard not to keep it in my bag.

Reviewed: Sunday, Feb 21, 2021
Reviewer: Matt M from Wildomar, CA
Command Ball Review

Columbia 300 Command The super high performance skid/flip pearls are typically not the best types of balls for my style and what I like to see on the lanes, but the Command is a brand of skid/flip that I can actually use. I am somewhat rev dominant, so the big skid/flip balls are typically hard to manage in the back, but the Command actually does a really good job of blending the lanes while maintaining a sharp entry angle. It still does what it is intended to do, like get through the front and create angle down-lane, but it doesn't sacrifice control to do…

Reviewed: Wednesday, Jan 27, 2021
Reviewer: Chuck from White Hall, MD
Get A Solid OUTLOOK On Your Game

Columbia 300 Outlook Solid Columbia 300 OUTLOOK Solid – As one would expect, the new OUTLOOK Solid is very complementary to the Original Outlook in both movement and usage. When conditions warrant the need for you to ball-up, the OUTLOOK Solid allows you to bring that hook spot back closer to you. Conversely, it is also an excellent choice for those patterns that typically begin with oil on the medium to heavier side. It is also very acceptable to surface change if so needed.

In my case, I altered the surface to 4000 abralon to give me that little extra couple…

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