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Columbia 300 Bowling Gear

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The biggest early advancement in bowling ball manufacturing was the use of polyester resin by Columbia 300 in 1960. In the five plus decades since then Columbia 300, Inc has innovated by putting a significant emphasis on research and development. Mix that with quality design and you get a great product for today's bowler!

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Reviewed: Thursday, Oct 24, 2019
Reviewer: trackbowler Bob from Pacifica
Columbia 300 Baller with Bigtime core
The new Columbia 300 Baller is a pretty aggressive ball. The assymetric core & and hybrid cover combination on this ball just work. If you watch the videos available they explain the core in a way that makes sence when you see the ball roll. The core starts off stable, then when the cover reads the friction, the core becomes unstable fighting to turn. Once that has happend the core once again becomes stable to help maintain the path through the pins. Bottom line, I like the way it rolls, I like the carry, the pins seem to stay low, and thereā€¦
Reviewed: Tuesday, Aug 27, 2019
Reviewer: Joe Goldstein Jr from San Bruno
It's Baaaaaaaack!!!
This ball is smooth and strong off the spot. Very predictable and hard hitting. This ball is not the strongest ball in my bag, but it is one of the first to judge how the lanes are playing, being that upper mid ball I was wanting.

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