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Track Logix
Track Logix Reviewed: Friday, Oct 6, 2017 Reviewer: Jon from North Clarendon, VT This ball get through the front and backends like a lot of normal pearl covers, what makes this one so different is how heavy it rolls at the same time! I was shocked when I saw how heavy it rolled but still opened up the lane. Homerun from track! - Bottom Line:
Track Mako Attack
Track Mako Attack Reviewed: Thursday, Oct 5, 2017 Reviewer: Freeswing from Washington, DC Mako Attack (Box Surface and 500/3000 and 2000/3000) - Modified "Rico Layout" Pin in the palm x hole about 6 inches from the pin near the MB.

House Shot Patterns Fresh and Broken Down

The Mako Attack is a really good compliment to the Mako I don't see a huge difference between the two of them but they are different as far as shape. Reading the lane I have the Mako being a little earlier but both are still smooth and continuous on the backend with tremendous finish through the pins. I tried the Mako Attack out of box and I couldn't believe… - Bottom Line:
Track Spare + Purple/Blue/Black
Track Spare + Purple/Blue/Black Reviewed: Tuesday, Sep 5, 2017 Reviewer: Dave Han from Birmingham AL If you are looking for a good plastic spare ball - particularly if you throw straight at all your spare shots - or even if you need a ball that can strike on really dry/hard lanes - the new Track Spare+ may be the ball for you. In the past couple years, players have been "going retro" with urethane - and even plastic - to get the job done. This plastic ball has a leg-up on the rest by having a very asymmetrical core that will give your ball some extra punch through double woods and buckets on spare shots, as well as some hitting power in the… - Bottom Line:
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