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Recent Track Reviews

Reviewed: Friday, Oct 14, 2022
Reviewer: Bob from Pacifica
Track Legion Solid
Track has done well with the design of this piece. It will be a staple in many bags for years to come. The shape it creates reminds me of a slightly more angular Obsession Tour. The core numbers don't say that, but that's what my eyes see. The ball starts to pick up in the mid-lane but saves plenty of punch for down lane too. The ball goes thru the pins very well and when I "grabbed it" it didn't jump and split like some balls might do. More often than not it still struck while tripping a 4 or ripping out a 9. Track has hit 3 homeruns in a…
Reviewed: Saturday, Aug 27, 2022
Reviewer: Bryan Williams, DV8 Pro Staff from Plumas Lake, CA
All This Power…Now in a Hybrid!
The new Track Paragon Hybrid…..all I can say is just WOW!!! Every ball manufacturer comes out with “that” ball which is just beyond amazing. The new Track Paragon Hybrid is that ball! Besides this ball looking incredible rolling down the lane, this ball complements the original Track Paragon exceptionally well. Although this ball has a pearl cover stock, this ball gives any bowler ball motion through oil. Like most hybrids, the Paragon Hybrid blends the lanes conditions to provide bowlers with a consistent ball motion shape and motion…