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Reviewed: Sunday, Sep 15, 2019
Reviewer: Hank from Eugene, OR
I would never buy this bag again.
Before anyone buys one of those storm Rolling Thunder bowling ball bags you might want to consider this. I had a couple of almost new Storm balls and 2 older Storms. I decided to buy a 4 ball Rolling Thunder bag. It was defective when I received it. Unfortunately I didn't see that one of the upper ball cradles was unfinished and it scratched and chipped the ball I placed in there. I called Storm and they told me that wasn't covered by the warranty. I fixed the bag myself, sent them photos of the damaged ball and the area of the bag I fixed.…
Reviewed: Tuesday, Aug 13, 2019
Reviewer: Unhappy from Grand Rapids, MI
Not a good bag
I love the Eagles die hard fan but I never should have bought this bag. It is poorly put together. The zipper has broken and the handle to too low which make the bag roll over
Reviewed: Friday, Jul 26, 2019
Reviewer: Bigno1002 from Edinburg tx
I would not buy this product again
I use bag for league and travel, has good space for balls shoes and accessories, poor design on extension handle constantly popping out means constantly working on it
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