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In the 1890's Brunswick began manufacturing wooden bowling lanes, pins and balls. Well over a century later the name Brunswick is synonymous with bowling. From high-performance bowling balls to fun gear for kids, top quality bowling shoes, bags and accessories Brunswick is always a good choice whether you're a beginner or a pro!

Recent Brunswick Reviews

Reviewed: Saturday, Jan 30, 2021
Reviewer: John Neral from Virginia
If You Loved the Melee Jab, You'll Love the Knock Out

Brunswick Knock Out There are so many things right about this ball. Brunswick took the Melee Core and combined it with a Savvy Hook 3.0 solid cover to give this ball a strong and predictable symmetric shape with great recovery down lane. On a house shot, this ball blends the pattern very well and still has the ability to recover if you happen to miss a board here or there.

If you are a fan of the Brunswick Melee Jab, this shape is very similar just with a solid cover. This ball is a must have in your bag. You can sand it down or shine it up and this ball will…

Reviewed: Saturday, Jan 30, 2021
Reviewer: John Neral from Virginia
Big Ball with a Big Core

Brunswick Zenith Solid The Zenith is a BIG BALL with a BIG CORE and designed to heavier oil patterns. If you are a player that doesn’t do well on heavier conditions, this ball will help you keep it in play and see some motion down lane. You won’t give up the pocket with this ball on higher volume patterns. It’s Brunswick’s strongest ball – stronger Asymmetrical ball, and one you’ll want to keep in your bag if you’re bowling on a pattern where you’re having trouble getting the ball to move or traveling to tournaments.

This ball reminds me a lot of the Nirvana…

Reviewed: Saturday, Jan 30, 2021
Reviewer: John Neral from Virginia
Better Than the Original Hero

Brunswick Hero Solid The original Hero was like a Fearless on steroids. Take that same ball and put a solid cover on it and you’ve got something great here if you liked the shape of the original Hero.

This ball may be a bit much for typical house patterns. If you find that’s the case, hit is with a 3000 or 4000 Abralon or Siaair pad to just help the ball get through the front a bit cleaner. This ball does have a tendency to start up earlier. You will see this ball get into a roll quickly. Players with more ball speed will not have a problem getting this ball…

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