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Dexter Mens SST 8 Pro Black/Blue Right Hand or Left Hand
Dexter Mens SST 8 Pro Black/Blue Right Hand or Left Hand Reviewed: Wednesday, Jan 24, 2018 Reviewer: Frank from Oak Forest. IL Great shoes These shoes are new from Dexter. They replace the SST8 after receiving them I noticed that they were very similar to the tank model, except that both shoes have interchangeable soles.
Compared to the original SST8 they are a lot smaller on the over all with of the bottom of the shoe at least ½". Although it does not affect the with of the fit inside the shoe. They still run ½ size smaller than my street shoes. The new toe cap is a very good improvement. All the same normal slides and traction soles are the same althoe narrower . A large… - Bottom Line:
Dexter Mens Ricky IV Black/Alloy
Dexter Mens Ricky IV Black/Alloy Reviewed: Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018 Reviewer: Adam Bowls from Miami, FL. Comfortable The shoe is very comfortable. I've worn them for about 20 games. I noticed on the last few visits that the shoe was leaving behind rubber scuffs on the alley floor from my stabilizing leg swinging out. I cant say that it's entirely the shoe's fault because I may have bad form, but I can say that rental shoes don't leave behind scuffs. I'm afraid my alley is going to tell me about it when they catch on. - Bottom Line:
KR Strikeforce Womens Starr Right Hand
KR Strikeforce Womens Starr Right Hand Reviewed: Thursday, Dec 21, 2017 Reviewer: Bowlin Betty from Fort Worth, TX I would buy again. Shoes are comfortable and the slide is good! After 8 months of multi-weekly use these shoes have held up well! - Bottom Line:

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