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Storm Universal Wrist Brace
Storm Universal Wrist Brace Reviewed: Thursday, Feb 1, 2018 Reviewer: Leo from Houston GREAT PRODUCT This brace is awesome! It improved my wife's game so much I had to get one for myself. If you are having inconsistency with your shots because of hand-wrist movement, this one works. It has even helped me with spares. - Bottom Line:
Genesis K-Motion Tape Roll Red
Genesis K-Motion Tape Roll Red Reviewed: Wednesday, Jan 24, 2018 Reviewer: KRB61 from Alexandria VA Awesome This product is amazing. I've had so many surgeries including a knee replacement. I tape my knees , lower back and neck where I also have had surgery and it really works. It stays on for days and even taking a shower doesn't make it fall off. I have kept it on as long as 7 days with no itching, rash, or unpleasant Odor - Bottom Line:
Brunswick Skin Cover Protecting Tape
Brunswick Skin Cover Protecting Tape Reviewed: Thursday, Jan 18, 2018 Reviewer: Alley Oops from Florida Will buy this tape a second time........ This tape is amazing! No more sore thumb, and it helps to control my release. Only con is that it's sometimes difficult to get it off the paper backing. Once you put it on your thumb, you can't reapply won't stick anymore. Make sure you place it where you want it the first time, otherwise the corners will turn up after inserting your thumb in and out of the bowling ball after several frames. It has improved my average by giving me a better grip on the ball. - Bottom Line:
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