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Genesis K-Motion Tape Pre-cut Black
Genesis K-Motion Tape Pre-cut Black Reviewed: Thursday, Apr 19, 2018 Reviewer: KRB61 from Alexandria, VA It really works. Have had surgeries on knees , neck , back , and elbow ! This tape is no gimmick. It really helps fight soreness, and for those like me , it may help reduce your pain. While I can't say it will for you. I have had my R knee replaced, and I will not bowl unless I use this tape to support my knees, and other troubled areas. I noticed a big difference using before, and keeping it on after bowling. I have kept in on from 3-7 days , and with no itching, rashes , or odor. If placed properly, it hasn't peeled off during showers. I know results differ… - Bottom Line:
Genesis K-Motion Tape Roll Black
Genesis K-Motion Tape Roll Black Reviewed: Thursday, Apr 19, 2018 Reviewer: KRB61 from Alex, VA It works This stuff really works. I have had neck , back , elbow , and knee surgery. Even had my R knee replaced. This tape is easy to use, and it really reduces pain. I literally will not Bowl unless I use this product to support my knees , shoulders, and lower back. It stays on, and can be worn for a few days if wanted. I have kept my joints taped for as long as 7 days. No nasty odor , if placed on correctly, it doesn't peel off when showering. I have found it you cut a piece smaller then you think you need, it stretches well , and gives a tighter ,… - Bottom Line:
Storm Universal Wrist Brace
Storm Universal Wrist Brace Reviewed: Friday, Apr 13, 2018 Reviewer: Oofta from Green Bay Wisconsin Wonderful comfort I recently bought this. I used it for the first time in league play and it felt great. The only problem I had\have is that the clasp comes undone no matter how tight I make it. There were a number of times I had to stop my approach because the bottom portion of the device came undone. I like the device enough to keep at it but I feel as if I need to start packing duct tape to keep the clasp in place. - Bottom Line:
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