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Radical Intel
Radical Intel Reviewed: Friday, Mar 9, 2018 Reviewer: Dustin from TX I was surprised by how strong this ball was out of the box. I drilled it 40x5x30 And Started out playing 15 out to 7 and the ball still had more. I was able to move my feel 3 boards left and still get to the pocket. This ball has quickly became my favorite. With the symetrical core the ball is very smooth and not jumpy off the spot. I would highly recommend this ball to anyone.

Speed- 17 mph
Rev rate 420
PAP 5 1/2 over 0 up/down - Bottom Line:
Radical Katana Slash
Radical Katana Slash Reviewed: Friday, Mar 9, 2018 Reviewer: Dustin from TX WOW... this ball is amazing. Radical was able to make a ball as angular as the original but it will hook about 2 feet sooner. I was able to swing the whole lane with this ball. If you like to stand left and throw right. This is the ball you want. Mo And Phil have done it again.

Speed 17mph
Rev 420
Pap 5 1/2 over - Bottom Line:
Radical Beyond Ridiculous
Radical Beyond Ridiculous Reviewed: Friday, Mar 9, 2018 Reviewer: Dustin from TX I like to call this ball the Green Machine. If your looking for a first ball out of your bag. I would recommend this ball. The symetrical core make this ball smooth and any pattern. If you like to play down and in it will not jump on you when it hits the dry. This ball will shine later on when the lanes dry out. You can move left and swing it and not have to worry about it checking up on you. Very predictable ball. - Bottom Line:
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