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Radical Bowling Gear

Recent Radical Reviews

Reviewed: Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Reviewer: Christina L. from Las Vegas, NV
Radical Conspiracy HK22
Stats: PAP 4 over ¾ up, 15 mph, 18 tilt, 275 revs. I drilled mine 45x4.25x30. This ball has been an excellent addition to my arsenal. Designed for medium to heavy oil, I get plenty of hook with a smooth reaction. I have had no issues staying in this ball for all four games of my league regardless of how the lanes transition. I have been a big fan of the HK22 coverstock for a while now and adding it to an already amazing ball has made such a difference in its performance. This ball never quits!
Reviewed: Thursday, May 2, 2024
Reviewer: DANIEL from MARYLAND
The Outer Limits Pearl is clean through the fronts with an angular, yet controlled motion down lane. I have been able to use this ball on medium to oily lane conditions. If you are looking for a strong asymmetrical pearl, then look no further. You will not be disappointed.
Reviewed: Friday, Apr 5, 2024
Reviewer: James G from Maine
Radical Break Away review (with video)
I drilled the Radical Break Away 4.25” X 25 to be a quicker response solid symmetric, and strong through the mid-lane, and it performs perfectly. The Breakaway has an RG of 2.528 and a differential of 0.041. This combination of core dynamics and HK22 Solid, which is polished, yields a very definitive backed reaction. I have had tremendous success on our 41’ THS, I am able to play in the oil cutting of my angles, and the Break Away can still get the corner pins out. When you need to open the lane up and create more shape, the Break Away has you…