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Radical Jackpot
Radical Jackpot Reviewed: Tuesday, Apr 26, 2016 Reviewer: pbaway from sanford,NC Jackpot
I just drilled up this ball. It is very continuous on my house shot. The pearl cover allows it to clear the fronts. It picks up in the meds. And continues on the backend. I have layout of 85x3 1/2x40. I have try it on the usbc nationals patterns 2016. Once the lanes open up. This ball worked pretty good.
Another great addition to the Radical Bowling Technologies line of bowling balls.
Robert Way - Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Radical Rave On
Radical Rave On Reviewed: Monday, Apr 11, 2016 Reviewer: Charles from SC I purchased the Rave On primarily for use during league. I went with Mo's "most versatile" layout which put the pin above the ring finger and the CG about 3/4 right of centerline). The Rave On has proven to be much more than I expected. The ball motion reminds me of the Grease Monkey Whack and is perfect for medium oil conditions. The Rave On is a little later and sharper than the original Rave and stronger overall. If fits nicely between the Rack Attacks and the Primos in my arsenal. This ball performs well above its price point! - Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Radical Ridiculous Asym
Radical Ridiculous Asym Reviewed: Thursday, Apr 7, 2016 Reviewer: Chris H from Cincinnati, OH Specs: Left Handed, 15 mph, ~400 rev rate, drilled my Ridiculous Asym 45*x4x70* (PAP is 4 1/2" over, 1/2" up). This is the same as I drilled the original Ridiculous. This puts the pin below the bridge for me.

When I first put the Ridiculous in my hand, I found that this ball was hands down, my benchmark ball. This ball filled such a wide area of conditions and parts of the lane I could play. What it had some problems was when I needed just a tad more tip on the back of the lane in order to get the ball going through the pins… - Bottom Line:
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