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Reviewed 11/17/2020
by Robert Way from Sanford, N.C.
"Results solid"

Radical Results Solid Results solid
I'm a left handed bowler with a ball speed around 14.5 mph. My Rev Rate is around 275 rpms. I recently punched up this ball. The layout I put in it is 20 x 4 1/2 x 40. This is a smooth layout that works well on flatten patterns. And over/ under patterns.
I must say. This is a great ball for this layout. With the bigger core it carry's the pins well. Also with the Texture cover it didn't read as early as a solid cover. If you haven't try this ball out yet. I recommend trying it out. It's a great addition to the Radical Bowling…

Reviewed 11/14/2020
by Tim Martin from Harrisville, RI
"Must have symmetrical pearl"

Radical Pandemonium Drilled my Pandemonium with a 50,4", 35 layout. Which got through the fronts very clean as expected and gave me a really predictable but strong ball reaction. The ball is great compliment to the Radical Bonus.

Reviewed 11/6/2020
by Jim Milliman from Bend Oregon
"A Must Have In Your Bag"

Radical Bonus Solid I threw this ball for the 1st time two nights ago in league, and it has earned a spot in my ball lineup for sure. This symmetrical ball had no problem reacting to the friction while maintaining a very controllable arc down lane and power through the pins. Another impressive attribute of this ball was that it never overreacted when I got it into the dry early. This is a must have ball in any league or tournament arsenal.

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