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MOTIV Bowling has significant knowledge of high quality bowling ball core design and manufacturing. In fact, in the early 1990's that's all MOTIV did! In 2007 MOTIV researched how to make a better looking ball as well. Their patented NeoMarkā„¢ graphics eliminates engraving and now MOTIV makes one of the best looking balls with the best core tech inside!

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Reviewed: Thursday, Jan 16, 2020
Reviewer: Glitch from IN
If you wanna win this is definitely the ball for you!
Once its drilled to your liking your ready to go.
Reviewed: Monday, Jan 13, 2020
Reviewer: Wheels from Cincinnati, OH
Motiv Forge Fire
The Forge Fire is the first ball I was able to drill up and it sure made a huge impact on me. I drilled my Forge Fire 65x5x35. The biggest thing I love the most about this ball is how predictable the motion is for me. In league I am able to start with this ball and even through transition, I can keep moving left and throw this ball all 3 games and not lose any momentum. This is a benchmark ball for me in my bag and I will not go anywhere without it. I highly recommend getting this ball in your bag!
Reviewed: Tuesday, Dec 24, 2019
Reviewer: xfps from Armour SD
I have 2 now
Previously was using the Fire and figured the Supra would be a nice transition ball. After I got the Supra it has been my primary ball with its 4th game on it I rolled a 300. This ball is so easy to read even with its backend motion. Gives me more than enough room to play inside out. It does flatten out in higher oil patterns so I just play left find some dry and let it move. Absolutely recommend this ball. Way more aggressive then advertised

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