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MOTIV Bowling has significant knowledge of high quality bowling ball core design and manufacturing. In fact, in the early 1990's that's all MOTIV did! In 2007 MOTIV researched how to make a better looking ball as well. Their patented NeoMark™ graphics eliminates engraving and now MOTIV makes one of the best looking balls with the best core tech inside!

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Reviewed: Wednesday, Apr 7, 2021
Reviewer: Nonickles from Cold Spring MN
Perfect Compliment

Motiv Trident Horizon I was pleasantly surprised with the new Trident Horizon. First things first, I did not get along with the Trident Nemesis; tried two of them and drilled each one multiple times they just never matched up. With that being said, apparently cover stock everything with the Sidewinder Core. The new MXC Hybrid is fantastic, good mid lane with a controlled motion through the pins. No tricks or cover changes needed this ball fits directly between the Flare and the Fire. When the flare digs too early and the Fire is just a bit too clean and responsive…

Reviewed: Wednesday, Apr 7, 2021
Reviewer: Nonickles from Cold Spring MN

Motiv Purple Tank I have tried other brands of urethane in the past and this one is different by the way it shapes down lane. The Purple tank has more continuation than what I have seen out of other companies, not saying it is good or bad it’s just different from what people think of a Urethane ball. The Purple Tank seems to preserve more energy than what I see out of other versions of urethane. I personally can get more of a “traditional” urethane reaction out of a stronger pin, Tank Blitz. The purple Tank is a good ball for lighter patterns and when players…

Reviewed: Sunday, Apr 4, 2021
Reviewer: Joe from Ohio
Hook rating

Motiv Jackal Legacy I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who throws the ball over 18 mph and heavy oil it won't hook

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