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MOTIV Bowling has significant knowledge of high quality bowling ball core design and manufacturing. In fact, in the early 1990's that's all MOTIV did! In 2007 MOTIV researched how to make a better looking ball as well. Their patented NeoMark™ graphics eliminates engraving and now MOTIV makes one of the best looking balls with the best core tech inside!


Motiv Venom Shock Pearl
Motiv Venom Shock Pearl Reviewed: Thursday, Mar 15, 2018 Reviewer: PIC from Ohio I like the versatility of this ball. I changed cover stock a couple different times. First was 1500 with a little polish. (Not bad) Next was straight up 2000, no polish and it has worked well also. May try 3000 and move a little right to play down the boards, with plenty of backend. Still a very nice addition to an arsenal. To start with this ball on fresh oil it is not bad. But as lanes break down it is awesome , clean through beat up heads and plenty of break on backend. - Bottom Line:
Motiv Villain
Motiv Villain Reviewed: Thursday, Mar 15, 2018 Reviewer: Scott from Salida, Ca OOOOOOO man! Motiv has outdone themselves with this one! The new Villain has me beyond excited! This is without a doubt the most versatile ball in my arsenal, but also provides a really nice go to ball after my Jackal Rising. When the front of the lane starts to go away and my Jackal Rising becomes a little bit too much ball, I am able to ball down to my Villain while staying in the same part of the lane.
The really nice thing about the Villain is it's versatility. The Coercion coverstock is really one of the most versatile coverstocks I… - Bottom Line:
Motiv Combat Tank LE
Motiv Combat Tank LE Reviewed: Thursday, Mar 1, 2018 Reviewer: T from FL The Tank LE is my go to ball on light to dry conditions. This ball has motiv's iconic smooth controllable continuation motion but this ball carry's like beast you just hear the pins crack when it hits. it really retains all the energy. - Bottom Line:
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