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In 1955 Roto Grip established itself as a trailblazer in the bowling industry with unique bowling balls that were easier to drill. In recent years the ball maker has surged into a new stratosphere with innovative new bowling balls that are widely used by PBA tour winners. Expect great things to come from Roto Grip!

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Reviewed: Friday, Mar 26, 2021
Reviewer: Thor from New York
No lie - Best Benchmark Ball!

Roto Grip Rubicon UC2 Honestly didn't love this ball when I first got it, really felt flat and inconsistent. After 10 games or so, finally figured out the spacing and timing and this ball can PERFORM! Have bowled my best average games with this ball - comparison Storm Axiom - 165 average; with this Rubicon my average is up at 190! This ball will make you a better bowler if you pay attention to it, it is a great benchmark ball and really great on long and short patterns. I bowl with both high revs (two handed) and low revs (two handed - spares) - very versatile!

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