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DV8 Bowling Gear

DV8 is making a whole new breed of bowling gear and causing a major Ruckus in bowling alleys across the nation! Loud and proud is how DV8 rolls! But they back up the talk with high-quality bowling balls that you want to take a look at. The pros are piling up the 300's with DV8's latest ball offerings and this brand is going fully steam ahead.


DV8 Deviant Pearl
DV8 Deviant Pearl Reviewed: Thursday, Aug 11, 2016 Reviewer: Dv8 arcaro from Hayward This ball is so versitile and seems it can be drilled any way you prefer. Very clean through the fronts and continuous downlane without the over reaction off of feiction. - Bottom Line:
DV8 Freakshow
DV8 Freakshow Reviewed: Saturday, Aug 6, 2016 Reviewer: TB from Reading, PA The DV8 Freakshow is freakishly good at it's price point. Don't let the price tag fool you, this is a lot of bang for the buck. The Freakshow's cover glides easily through the heads, but it's low RG core really starts to make the ball pick up in the midlane and produces a nice continuous arc on the backend. This ball really drives hard thru the pins making it's carry percentage insane! This ball definitely performs its best on broken down conditions. When the stronger balls are starting to burn up just a little too soon, that's the timeā€¦ - Bottom Line:
DV8 Grudge Hybrid
DV8 Grudge Hybrid Reviewed: Thursday, Aug 4, 2016 Reviewer: Kayla from Minnesota The DV8 Grudge Hybrid is the newest release in the Grudge line. For me, this ball picks up in my midlane sooner than my grudge and is smoother off the breaking point. I can close up my angles more with this ball than with my Grudge, and I am seeing a smoother reaction throughout the whole lane. - Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
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