DV8 Bowling Gear

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DV8 is making a whole new breed of bowling gear and causing a major Ruckus in bowling alleys across the nation! Loud and proud is how DV8 rolls! But they back up the talk with high-quality bowling balls that you want to take a look at. The pros are piling up the 300's with DV8's latest ball offerings and this brand is going fully steam ahead.

Recent DV8 Reviews

Reviewed: Wednesday, Oct 25, 2023
Reviewer: Bob Newman from Pacifica
DV8 Verge Hybrid
The Verge Hybrid is another very nice addition to the DV8 line-up. It is a smooth-ish symmetrical ball with the HK22 & Inciter Max Flip cover. What caught my attention the most was the fact I was shooting very few corner pins. What I saw was the ball was picking up earlier than most "flip" balls and going through the front of the pocket as opposed to behind the head pin where corner pins live. It looks good, (Orange / Purple Sparkle) and it rolls good. What's not to like? Gonna be a league shot killer.
Reviewed: Thursday, Jul 27, 2023
Reviewer: Bob Newman from Pacifica
DV8 Hellcat XLR8
The DV8 Hellcat XLR8 comes as advertised, it hooks. Out of box I compared it with my Track Archetype and my Brunswick Mindset which are the current 2 big pieces in my arsenal. The Hellcat XLR8 was more by at least 4 & 2 over those two. This is going to be your heavy oil/ long oil ball for sure. It reads early but still has power at the pins. It does not quit like some other balls that might hook early like that. The flare rings were crazy going almost all the way around the ball. For me, I don't see using this on house shots very often but…