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DV8 is making a whole new breed of bowling gear and causing a major Ruckus in bowling alleys across the nation! Loud and proud is how DV8 rolls! But they back up the talk with high-quality bowling balls that you want to take a look at. The pros are piling up the 300's with DV8's latest ball offerings and this brand is going fully steam ahead.

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Reviewed: Friday, Feb 12, 2021
Reviewer: whereswaldo from Ohio

DV8 Damn Good Verge First off, seeing this baby thrown on tv back to back weeks was enough for me to get excited. I drilled it 50 x 4 1/2 x 35, benchmark style of layout. It needs oil for me, or longer patterns. On the two house patterns I bowl on during the week, this damn good verge rolls extremely strong overall, and its hard to keep it right of the head pin. I cannot wait to throw this thing on some longer patterns during the upcoming tournaments ill have! Stay Tuned!

Reviewed: Friday, Feb 12, 2021
Reviewer: whereswaldo from Ohio

DV8 Hell Raiser Return OHH MY GOODNESS! I have waited for the opportunity to give this ball a try.... I cannot be more impressed. This is one of those balls that you can do anything with and it will be 10 back every-time. I love the way this thing reads the lane front to back, with plenty, I mean plenty on the back. A Skid Flip Monster! I ordered 2 of them, the first one i went 50 x 4 1/8 x 35, a stock layout. I can play in the oil, the dry, anything I want! I'm scared to drill the second with the first one being soo good!

Reviewed: Friday, Jan 15, 2021
Reviewer: Brian Rigler from Levittown
Love the ball.

DV8 Intimidator Pearl A big fan of the solid so I really wanted to drill this ball. First impression the ball is a monster on the backend and clean through the midlane. On a medium house shot this ball is great I've been able to play the track and move in and get around the lane and cover many boards with this ball. I was really impressed with how the ball kept driving through the pins from all angles on the lane. I can see this ball handling more oil if you knock the shine off with a 2000 Siaair pad to smooth it out and play the oil more.

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