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Storm Bowling Gear

From humble beginnings selling just a single ball cleaner Storm Bowling has grown to become one of the biggest names in the industry. Storm develops new technologies and crafts high-quality, top performance bowling balls, bags, accessories and shoes. Storm bowling gear is used by many top bowlers around the world.

Recent Storm Reviews

Reviewed: Friday, Mar 15, 2024
Reviewer: Stretch from Charlotte, NC
Smells delicious and hooks viciously
The ball is very good. Fresh out the box, it skidded across the lane but the backend reaction is so strong it has no other choice but to hook. If there is little to none oil on the lanes, this ball is usable. Every throw is a gutter ball with no oil. The flare of the ball also looks very nice as well and it just turns the corner into a strike every time. The apple kiwi pie smell is quite strong but it smells very good as well. Just don't go around asking people to smell your balls
Reviewed: Sunday, Feb 18, 2024
Reviewer: I M A BOWLER from NEW JERSEY
One of the best polishes I have ever used, and I have been bowling for over 50 years.
Reviewed: Thursday, Feb 8, 2024
Reviewer: Fernando from CA
Buy it
Great ball, Shot 216 first game with it. I normally average 150-160. Shot 245 yesterday.