Different Types of Balls for Different Types of Bowlers

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Different Types of Balls for Different Types of Bowlers

Posted Oct 15, 2012 In: Bowling Balls | Coach's Corner | Tips
By Bowling.com
Different Types of Balls for Different Types of Bowlers

There are so many bowlers out there that release the bowling ball slightly different than the next person. Are you the person where you may only get 1 ball every year or so? So how can you figure out what type of ball to get that will match your style? Do you spin the ball? Do you roll up the back of the ball? Do you throw it slow or fast? These will be some of the topics we will get into so you can figure out what bowling balls will fit you the best.

Now here are the bowling ball types we get to choose from; Asymmetrical, Symmetrical, Urethane, and Plastic.

Plastic or Polyester, also known as your spare ball. Who would this type of ball match up to? The plastic bowling ball is designed to go straight and hardly move a couple of boards. It would be designed for the little ones just starting in bowling. Also would work for adults just starting that do not put any rotation or revolutions on the ball. This type of ball is also used by your professionals and advanced bowlers as well for spare shooting. Again this ball is for the bowler who is looking for the ball to go hard and straight.

Urethane bowling balls are basically a step up from plastic bowling balls. This type of bowling ball is designed for beginner bowlers looking to get a reaction out of there bowling ball. Urethane balls are also good for high rev players looking for even control on their shot. In my case, I enjoy using urethane bowling balls on house shots so I can play outside and have a nice even controlled hook. This would be suitable for either beginner bowlers or high rev bowlers.

Symmetrical bowling balls are pretty much 80% of the market when it comes to performance bowling balls. They range anywhere from your entry level balls like the Storm Tropical Surge to the Storm !Q Tour Emerald. These bowling balls are good for any type of bowler. High Rev bowlers should look for lower end equipment in this type of bowling ball like the Tropical Heats, possibly even the Thunder line like the Fire Road to use Storm again as an example. Low Rev bowlers can lean towards the more aggressive equipment like the Hy-Road or IQ's to get a stronger reaction out of a symmetrical bowling ball. There is such a range in symmetrical bowling balls that all styles can work in this area to find something suitable to fit there game.

Asymmetrical bowling balls are usually your high-end priced equipment or high-performance bowling balls. Low rev players should enjoy this equipment due to the fact that Asymmetrical bowling balls are always getting into a roll quicker. High speed bowlers can also use this equipment since again the asymmetrical core in wanting to get into a roll as soon as possible. I’m not saying that high rev players can not use this equipment but there are few and select times they can. Usually at tournaments with a high volume pattern out, the asymmetrical comes into play for about every person.

Bowlers that hit up the back up the ball are getting there ball into a roll quickly so you would want to lean towards pearl symmetrical bowling balls to get the length. Bowlers that spin the ball may want to lean either to dull symmetrical balls or asymmetrical balls. So again if you have a lot of speed you could lean towards duller symmetrical or asymmetrical equipment. Slower speeds may want to lean towards pearl symmetrical bowling balls. Before you purchase your next ball have someone take a look at your style so they can match you up to the type of ball you need. Remember to enjoy the game of bowling and always practice, practice, practice!