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Five Tips To Improve Your Bowling Score

Five Tips To Improve Your Bowling Score

Posted Mar 25, 2024 In: Bowling Tips | Coach's Corner | Tips
By Bowling.com
Five Tips To Improve Your Bowling Score

1) Spares, Spares, and guess what, Spares!
We know this doesn't happen to you, but just imagine this, you are throwing good shots but not striking. Not only are you not striking, but let's say you miss all of your spares that game (just shot a 90 game). Now picture this and say you made every single pin this time, you just improved your score to 190! Every spare missed is 10 pins less off your game. Straighter is greater, especially when it comes to spare shooting.

2) Be Consistent!
Make sure you are walking the same every time. The arm swing and follow through needs to be the same every time. Basically try and be a robot about it! The more you can repeat what you are trying, the easier the game will become.

3) Remember!
Make sure you have a good idea of where you are standing. Then make sure you remember what arrow you were targeting. When you start making shots and the ball is not going where you would like it to; you can move your feet right or left, or move your target right or left depending on which direction the ball is going. For instance, you throw the ball while standing on the middle dot (20th board) and target middle arrow(20th board) and you hit the 10 pin. Simply adjust your feet to the right about 5 boards and try again. The game of bowling is all about adjustments, so general rule of thumb, if you are missing to the right simply move to the right.

4) Strikes!
Sounds easy enough but in order to get strikes you will need some strategy and luck along the way. How do you get strikes? Today it is all about hooking the ball. Hooking the ball is like curving a tennis ball. Rolling the ball with a left to right motion(counterclockwise) will make the ball hook to the right, and making the ball go from right to left (clockwise) motion will make the ball hook left. Hitting the head pin with this curve motion will help knock down all 10 pins! How to get the hook on the ball? If you imagine a bowling ball like planet earth, you have the north and south pole and also the equator. The lower you can get your fingers below the equator, and come up through the shot, the more revolutions you will have. If you have ever watched someone bowl without their thumb, that is a good example of staying underneath the ball. A 45 degree position allows for maximum hook potential, 0 degree is for hitting up the back of the ball thus earlier roll, and the 90 degree is the spinner rotation giving you the most length.

To see more information on different ball releases checkout - ball release tips at bowl4fun.com

5) Practice, Practice, Practice!!
Practice different lines and targets. Practice different releases. The game of bowling is always different day to day. Practice Practice Practice, the more you do something the easier it becomes! Like starting a new job or learning to drive a car. Yes it may feel awkward and nerve wrecking at first, but the more you do it the easier it becomes!