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Top 5 Selling Bowling Balls: June 2024
Posted Jul 9, 2024 In: Bowling Balls | Hammer | Storm | Top Sellers

We’re seriously into July (and the summer) now. Temperatures for many of us are pretty hot, especially at our headquarters in Texas!! School’s out, which means more time for kids to bowl free! We hope you’re taking advantage of that great program. Now back to the bowling balls, did any new contenders pop up this past month? Honestly… you guys were pretty predictable. The top balls for May continued to sell well in June. We’ll only see one new ball this month. Let’s start!..

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What makes a bowling ball hook?


For serious bowlers looking to up their game, understanding the coverstock used on a bowling ball is essential. The coverstock refers to the outer shell material and finish that surrounds the ball's core. This has a major impact on how the ball grips the lane, its hook potential, and overall motion characteristics.

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Lane Conditions

For bowlers at any level, understanding lane conditions and oil patterns is crucial to consistency and scoring. The oil pattern laid down on the lanes has a massive effect on how much a bowling ball will hook and react. We discussed this a bit in our post on Hook Potential. So this means that understanding your house oil conditions, along with knowing your skill level, will help you choose the bowling ball that's right for you!

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Hook Potential

If you've ever watched professional bowling on TV, you've probably noticed how much the pros curve their ball and hook into the pocket. That curve is due to something called "hook potential" - and it's a crucial aspect of the sport that bowlers at every level need to understand.

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Recent Customer Reviews

Reviewed: Thursday, Jun 20, 2024
Reviewer: Bob Newman from Pacifica
Brunswick Intense Mindset
Brunswick has continued its series of Mindset bowling balls to now include a pearl cover version called Intense Mindset. I have thrown it on a very burned up house shot where it looked really good from 5th arrow. Then I threw it on a fresh house shot in track area and it looked good. This ball has HK-22 infused into the cover, so it is strong off the friction. In all honesty, I think I need a different layout or maybe a cover adjustment for this ball to be great. I'd like to see it pick up a bit sooner and it will be a rockstar. I think it is…
Reviewed: Thursday, Jun 13, 2024
Reviewer: Gerard from Greensburg
Envy Tour Pearl
The Envy Tour pearl is a great compliment to the solid! This ball gets down the lane super easy and is very responsive on the backend. Once my Envy solid starts to read the lane early I can go to the pearl and stay in the same part of the lane. If you are looking for a ball to move in and open the lane up then this is the ball for you.
Reviewed: Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Reviewer: Christina L. from Las Vegas, NV
Radical Conspiracy HK22
Stats: PAP 4 over ¾ up, 15 mph, 18 tilt, 275 revs. I drilled mine 45x4.25x30. This ball has been an excellent addition to my arsenal. Designed for medium to heavy oil, I get plenty of hook with a smooth reaction. I have had no issues staying in this ball for all four games of my league regardless of how the lanes transition. I have been a big fan of the HK22 coverstock for a while now and adding it to an already amazing ball has made such a difference in its performance. This ball never quits!