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Brunswick Infinity

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Brunswick Infinity

The upper-mid performance Brunswick Infinity bowling ball is powered by the medium strength asymmetric Infinity core and the Activator Xtreme Hook (A.X.H.) Hybrid Reactive coverstock. This core and cover combination creates a ball that will fit nicely in the middle of any arsenal. The hybrid coverstock provides a dull smooth finish that leaves more of a footprint on the lane while creating more overall reaction.

  • Color: Purple Ice/Navy/Red
    All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown
  • Core: Infinity (14-16#)
  • Coverstock: A.X.H. Hybrid Reactive (Activator Xtreme Hook)
  • Finish: 500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad
  • RG: 2.521 (for 15# ball)
  • Diff: 0.051 (for 15# ball)
  • Length: Middle
  • Hook Potential: Medium-High
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Medium oil
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: Two years from purchase date
  • A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal
  • SKU: BRU60106943
  • Product ID: 14454
  • Brand: Brunswick
  • Category: Bowling Balls
  • Ball Performance: Upper Mid-Performance Balls

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By Mike Romero from Monterey, CA
5/5 Stars
Bottom Line:

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Infinity Hybrid

Brunswick Infinity Hybrid is a great ball in the Brunswick line. This is a great compliment to the Brunswick Mindset when that ball starts to lose energy on the backend, this ball will pickup where that ball left off. This ball takes surface changes really well and I leave this ball at 2000 grit by hand. This ball loves oil, so if you bowl on heavy oil, this ball will be ideal for you!

By Sagirah from Baltimore, MD
5/5 Stars
Bottom Line:

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

A Great Ball for Your Arsenal

I am relatively a down and in bowler. I have found that the infinity is my transition ball if my ball maybe hooking too much. The infinity allows me to play down and in and even bump a little. The motion is continuous and controllable for me. It does not overhook on the dry. A ball that is in the arsenal for these lane conditions.

By chris j from palm springs
5/5 Stars
Bottom Line:

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

to infinity and beyond

Brunswick Infinity is a very versatile bowling ball. you can play this down and in or hook the lanes. smooth through the midlane and strong backend. Great for all conditions and a perfect benchmark ball.

By cng260 from Greenville, SC
5/5 Stars
Bottom Line:

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

The Asymetrical Cheat Code


Ball Weight: 15 lbs


Ball: 45 x 5 x 80

X Hole (if there is one): none


Rev Rate: 375 rpms

Ball Speed:17.5 mph off hand

PAP/Track: 4 5/8 over 3/4 up


Grit: 4000 Siaair plus Polish


Length: Late Midlane Hook

Back End: Strong Arc


The Infinity is most recent asymmetrical addition to the High Performance category for Brunswick. This ball adds a mild asymmetric ball to give a similar reaction shape as you would get with a weight hole in a symmetrical ball. This ball fits in perfectly between the Mindset and the Knock Out Brusier. The breakpoint is longer than the Mindset but shorter than the Knockout Brusier or Melee Jab Carbon. The overall hook shape is similar to the Melee Jab Carbon but the Infinity revs up much easier and covers more boards. This one will be very good on moderate to heavier volume fresh patterns. I could see the Infinity being especially good on slicker surfaces and on any surface for higher speed players. Overall, the Infinity is a fantastic Medium to heavier condition ball that may be a real cheat code for higher speed players.

By Sweetpea Bowl from Worcester, Massachusetts
5/5 Stars
Bottom Line:

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Brunswick Infinity

I recently drilled the new Brunswick Infinity. I have tried it on fresh 2023 PBA Scorpion- 42 feet, 29ml. The Infinity was left at box surface which is 2000 Siaair. The layout used is 45 x 4 1/2 x 30. The core is a medium/high RG/medium/ diff asymmetric core (2.52/.051 for 15#) wrapped by a red/navy/purple ice AXH Hybrid cover. My “vitals” are a 405 rev rate with a PAP of 5 9/16 over and 1/8 up.

The new Infinity interested me as it has a little higher RG in an asymmetric core which is helpful given my lower ball speed and the higher friction surfaces we see in our area. I was very pleased with what I saw on Scorpion after a game or 2. At the outset, the Infinity was a bit touchy but once a small hole was burned into the pattern and I increased rotation at the bottom, the Infinity truly excelled. It does seem to be a little cleaner than most asymmetric core equipment. When exposed to friction, it shows a continuous arc type of motion. From what I saw, it appears that the Infinity will fit nicely in between stronger asymmetric core/cover equipment and the stronger symmetric core/cover equipment. I think that this might be a benchmark ball in an asymmetric core option...not the strongest ball, not the weakest...that somewhere in between ball from which the bowler can ball up or down.

The Infinity by Brunswick is available on June 22...see your pro shop for more information.

By Rick M from California
5/5 Stars
Bottom Line:

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

A new favorite

I am very impressed with the new Brunswick Infinity. This versatile ball will be good on a wide range of conditions. On heavy oil it will fit in right after the Mindset starts to burn up a little early. And on medium conditions I can move in and open up my angles and be confident the ball will make it back. This all-purpose ball has the new Infinity core matched with the AXH Hybrid cover and uses Dynamicore Technology.

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will this ball fit betweem IQ tour ruby and C300 resurgence (2019) ?

9/10/2023 - By

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Yes, this would fit between the IQ Tour Ruby and Resurgence. The IQ Tour Ruby is designed to work well in medium oil but it reads much later on the lanes. The Resurgence works in heavier oil and it reads much earlier on the lanes so the Brunswick Infinity will somewhat blend the two as it works in medium oil like the Ruby but reads earlier like the Resurgence so it could help to transition between the two.

9/13/2023 - By Bowling.Com Staff
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Does this ball have to be thrown with a lot of speed

1/22/2024 - By

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Not necessarily. This ball is designed to read earlier if you keep this in the out of box duller finish. However, it is also designed for more medium oil conditions. If you have a slower ball speed you could use this in some medium to heavier oil conditions and it would still be a good fit but from medium to lighter oil you may struggle with this if you have a slower ball speed because it will be too aggressive earlier on the lanes.

1/26/2024 - By Bowling.Com Staff
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