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Dominant NEW Ball: Motiv Evoke

Dominant NEW Ball: Motiv Evoke

Posted Mar 28, 2024 In: Bowling Balls | Bowlingball | MOTIV
By Bowling.com
Dominant NEW Ball: Motiv Evoke

If you’re looking for a seemingly unfair advantage over your opponents (and your friends), you’ve found it in the Motiv Evoke! The Evoke is a high-performance BEAST that will dominate medium to heavy oil on the lanes. It’s a must-have weapon in any serious bowler’s arsenal.

Motiv Evoke Ball Core

So what’s the key to the Evoke’s jaw-dropping prowess? Like any great new bowling ball, you’ll want to look at its core and coverstock tech. At its heart is the ferocious asymmetric Overload Core, which allows for an incredible 25% change in differential based on drilling - giving you pinpoint customization over the ball’s action (movement and hook). Your pro shop can drill it for you depending on the precise motion that fits your game. But the wizardry of this bowling ball doesn’t stop with the core. The Leverage MXC Solid Reactive coverstock infused with DuraMax technology delivers superior traction even on huge oil. Plus it extends the ball's lifespan well beyond typical limits by resisting lane shine.

For all you high-rev bowlers, the Evoke gives amazing midline traction with a smooth, controlled backend. Rev dominant athletes (is that you?) will love this ball’s ability to effortlessly swing the lane or control the backend reaction at will. Ever struggle to blend the oil patterns on a tough house shot? This could be your secret weapon to restore confidence and consistency.

So… this ball isn’t just a big performer. It’s also a jaw-droppingly gorgeous piece of eye-candy! Seriously, people will stop and stare. So if you don’t want to draw attention maybe find another rock to roll. Check out the vibrant blend of deep pink, lime green, and sky blue hues. Everyone else will be too.

We know that looking for growth as a bowler, and trying to find advantages for your game, is a never-ending journey. In the world of high-level bowling, small advantages make all the difference. With specifications like a 2.48 RG and versatile differential options, the Motiv Evoke gives you that undeniable edge - a chance to consistently overpower even the most daunting oil patterns and leave your competition in the dust. The Evoke will be a staple in any serious league or tournament bowler's bag. Unlock a new era of dominance with this bad boy from Motiv!