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Posted Mar 20, 2013 In: Bowling Balls | Bowling Event | Bowling Tips

We are back in Reno, NV for the 110th Open Championships! Compared to other venues, the stadium is one of the greatest complex to check out! USBC is doing something new this year compared to other years in the past. They are using a pattern for team event and a different pattern for singles and doubles. Here is what the pattern looks like for Team Event. Two things to notice here, the length is 41ft and the volume is 26.05mL. The length is Med/Long along with the volume being Med/Med. Heavy. Here is a list of bowling balls that could possibly be used out at the Open Championship for Team Event. >>>CLICK HERE FOR BALL LIST<<<

This shot is designed to keep you around the track area. Use the 10th board as your main Breakpoint spot. From there you may have to slowly gravitate inside as the shot breaks down. Make sure as a team that everyone is in the same area on the lanes. You shouldn't have a guy playing 5th board while another is playing 20th board. It will create a rough transition for everyone. Don't be afraid to try Pearl equipment on the fresh. Just because the shot is a little long with volume does not necessarily mean use dull equipment. Make sure you match your game up with the correct ball.

Now for single and doubles the shot is slightly different with less oil. Here is the Graph for Singles and Doubles. The shot is 39ft with 24.4mL. A little shorter with less volume compared to team event. So what does this mean? Well you should be further outside compare to team event with weaker equipment. 8th Board will be a good target to execute at the breakpoint for Singles and Doubles. It is just as important here to make sure that your teammates are all in the same area so when you switch pairs it will be easier to make moves. Click on the following for a list of balls that could work for Singles and Doubles.

Remember to have fun while your out in Reno! Try not to let the Tables or Machines take all your winnings from Brackets from you! The nice thing about this city is, everything is walking distance. Work as a team out in Reno and you should have no problems with success.


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