New Scoring System for Competitive Bowling to be Previewed During World Bowling Tour Finals

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New Scoring System for Competitive Bowling to be Previewed During World Bowling Tour Finals

Posted Oct 23, 2014 In: Bowling Event | Bowling News | Lemke's Look | PBA Bowling

The new system, which impacts how the sport is scored as well as the format for competition, will be unveiled on a trial basis exclusively for the WBT Finals. It will not be used for any other GEICO PBA World Series of Bowling events. The WBT singles match play competition will be conducted as follows:

1) A match will involve 12 frames.

2) In each frame, each player will throw one shot.

3) If Player A gets a higher pin count than Player B, he/she will win the frame.

4) If both players strike, the frame will be tied.

5) If neither player strikes, but each has the same pin count, each player will try to convert the spare. If both successfully convert their spares, the frame will be a tie. If one player has a higher pin count than the other after two shots, that player will win the frame.

6) Scoring for the match will reflect who has won the most frames (example, 1 up, 2 up, etc. All-square means the match is tied).

7) At the point one player has won more frames than frames remain (example: 3 up after 10 frames), he/she will be declared the winner.

8) If a match is “all-square” after 12 frames, the tie will be broken using the single-frame format described above until the tie is broken.

The new system emphasizes winning the frame, much like golf’s Ryder Cup places emphasis on winning a hole. This new system is expected to dramatically reduce the length of time and complexity of scoring required to complete a two-player match.

Where do I see this helping or hurting?

It will be interesting to see how this will play out. Whether this scoring system will favor some bowlers over other bowlers. Clearly the first ball is far more important than filling the frame in this new system. In our normal scoring system, if we are struggling during the game, hopefully we have a solid spare game to get to the 190s. Now, basically if you are not striking, more than likely you will lose the match. As I grew up bowling, Spares were far more important than Strikes. In today's realm of bowling, Strikes are far more important than spares. Face it, if you do not average 220 plus in tournaments, more than likely you are not winning those tournaments. Only time will tell how this will fair for bowling.

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