Friday Night is Bowling Night

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Friday Night is Bowling Night

Posted Nov 14, 2014 In: Bowling Tips
Friday Night is Bowling Night

Is there a better activity on a Friday night than bowling? The answer is no. Friday should be bowling night! There are a lot of things that are pulling at your purse strings on Friday night, but bowling is the best option. If you need proof we've listed a few reasons why bowling is the answer to the age old Friday question, "What should we do tonight?

It's weather-proof!  Rain, sleet, snow? No worries the bowling alley is indoors and temperature controlled.

It's a complete family affair. I mean grandma and grandpa can bowl. They might even beat you. Where else can you go on Friday night that grandma can kick your butt?

It's fun for all ages and skill levels, even if those younger or older kids do need the bumpers up.

The bowling shoes of course!

Nothing sounds better than a strike

It's the perfect place for a party. Have you ever tried throwing a birthday party at home? Just go to the bowling alley it's the solution.

Now you see why Friday Night is Bowling Night!

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