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4 Good Reasons Your Family Should Be Bowling Together

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4 Good Reasons Your Family Should Be Bowling Together

Posted Jun 24, 2013 In: Bowling Event | Bowling Tips | Special Note | Tips
By Bowling.com
Bowling is a rarity in sports because it offers anyone the ability to play. It doesn't matter your gender, age, height, weight, or ability. The majority of all centers are Wheel Chair accessible, they also have ball ramps as well, to help assist small kids or handicapped bowlers. This allows an opportunity for the family to get out and be active together. In today's world we find that our families are losing more and more time with one another due to the growth in time spent on video games, smartphones, and web surfing. Here are 4 good reasons to get your family out of the house and go bowling this week: 1)1) It is something the whole family can do – Does not matter on age, size, tall, short, and the list could go on and on, but anyone can get the ball down the lane with a little push or throw. 2) Drinks and Snacks – Most all bowling centers will have a snack bar where you may order pizza and drinks. I am sure the variety of snacks will be different place to place. Family dinner while bowling a couple games, what could be better? 3) Cost efficient – Depending on the location you are at, shoe rentals will be $3-$5 per person, a game of bowling $4-$6 per person/per game. This is not standard pricing, but should be pretty close. A game of bowling usually takes about 10-12 minutes per person, so for 5 people for 1 game, all needing shoes, $35-$55 for an hour with the family. If you are going to start bowling more frequently it always makes sense to purchase some shoes, so you do not have to pay for rentals. For comparison sake movie tickets are getting closer to $10-$12/person. 4) Exercise – It may not be an intense exercise, but throwing a 10lb ball (heavier for some), gets your body a little cardio and strength training. The great thing about bowling is you are able to talk and have a great time while you are bowling. If you take the family to the movies, the movie is the only interaction you will get with the family(No Talking). Some bowling facilities are starting to add more and more fun activities for everyone, just encase you get tired of bowling or want to extend your time with the family. Some bowling centers have the following options besides bowling.
  • 1)Laser Tag
  • 2)Arcades
  • 3)Paintball
  • 4)Go-Carts
  • 5)Movie Theater
  • 6)Mini-GolfAnother fun event that happens at bowling centers is Cosmic Bowling or Moonlight Bowling. Basically bowling under the black lights. This adds a little excitement to a casual time of bowling with the family. If the kids think you are taking to the typical style of bowling, you can blow their minds with a little Cosmic bowling.Don't let cost be a factor in taking your kids bowling - the summertime is the best time to help with cost because many bowling centers offer the Kids Bowl Free Program. Kids will get 2 free games each day of summer. 14 games a week! That is a lot of bowling throughout the summer. Here is a link that will give you all of the details about Kids Bowl Free, as well as, links to find kid's bowling shoes so you are not paying for rentals each time they go – https://www.bowling.com/bowling-articles/kids-bowl-free-2013.aspx. If you are looking for something to do with the whole family, take them bowling! If you just want the kids to burn some energy, check out the Kids Bowl Free program listed above. As always if you are looking to take you game to the next level, Be sure to Practice Practice Practice!
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