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Hammer Black Widow Dark Legend

Unfortunately, we no longer carry this ball. This page Is available For informational use. Since this bowling ball Is no longer available, find more bowling balls On our balls page Or use our bowling ball selector To find a ball To fit your game.

Balls with Same Hook Potential, Lane Conditions and Coverstock as the Hammer Black Widow Dark Legend:

Hammer Black Widow Dark Legend

Hammer continues to make the stuff of legends but this one is on the dark side.The Black Widow Dark Legend takes the proven history of the Black Widow line and continues to tweak it. This ball has the Gas Mask core which is covered by the Semtex Hybrid and finished with a 1000 grit Abralon pad and polish. This core and cover combination offers unparalleled mid-lane and backend continuation for a spectrum of bowlers with increased traction on medium to heavy oil conditions. This bowling ball is Carbon Fiber Infused! Carbon fiber is one of the toughest materials on earth. Hammer decided to add this material to the inner core of this ball for added strength and durability allowing them to offer an incredible 3 year warranty.

  • Color: Black/Purple Pearl All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
  • Reaction: Strong mid-lane with continuous backend
  • Coverstock: Semtex Hybrid
  • Core: Gas Mask (includes Flex-Resin additive, Ceramix surface process, and Carbon-Fiber outer core)
  • Finish: 500/1000 Abralon Polished with Powerhouse Clean N'Sheen
  • RG: 2.50**
  • Differential: .058**
  • ** RG and Diff are based off of 15 lb. balls
  • Hook Potential: High
  • Length: Medium
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy Oil
  • FCC Rating: Total- 25.75, Finish- 7.5, Core- 8.75, Cover- 9.5
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 year
  • A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal
  • Product ID: 9783
  • Brand: Hammer
  • Category: Bowling Balls
  • Ball Performance: Upper Mid-Performance Balls
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Customer Questions & Answers  |  Reviews

Question: What does top\pin mean?

3/5/2016 - By

Have an answer to this question?

Answer: Pin is short for pin placement and is the circle of a different color that you see on the surface of the bowling ball. This identifies the center of the weight block and the direction it is tilted. The pin distance is measured from the center of gravity, which is another marking on the ball. Top is short for top weight and is created by the height of the core inside the ball. The closer the core is to the surface the higher the top weight. We recommend talking to your driller to identify what pin and top weight would be best for your drilling layout.

3/7/2016 - By

Question: How does this ball compare to the Storm Alpha Crux

4/14/2016 - By

Have an answer to this question?

Answer: There are several key differences between this and the Storm Alpha Crux. This ball has a Hybrid coverstock with a Clean N'Sheen finish to give it much more length down the lane than the Alpha Crux. Because the Alpha Crux can read earlier on the lane it can also handle heavier oil better and will cover more boards overall. That is not to say the Black Widow Dark Legend is not strong because it will have a stronger backend hook than the Alpha Crux because it stores all the hook potential for a strong midlane and backend hook

4/14/2016 - By

Question: how does this ball compare to the raw urge (columbia)

10/23/2016 - By

Have an answer to this question?

Answer: This ball will have a hybrid cover stock and the Raw Urge has a solid coverstock. The Raw Urge will be a more aggressive ball.

10/31/2016 - By

Question: Can this ball be drilled left handed with out a problem?

11/23/2016 - By

Have an answer to this question?

Answer: Hi Gary, yes this ball can be drilled for a left handed bowler.

11/23/2016 - By

Question: How do I specify that I want 3-4 inch pin out?

2/9/2017 - By

Have an answer to this question?

Answer: Hello Bob. You can request for a pin and top weight under the weight selection tab where it says "click here to request pin/top weight".

2/10/2017 - By

Question: Is the weight block in a 12 pound ball the same as in the 15 pound ball?

3/19/2017 - By

Have an answer to this question?

Answer: The weight block for the 12 pound ball will be generic. The 14-16 pound balls will have the same weight block.

3/20/2017 - By

Question: Order a bowling ball how many day it take to deliver

10/9/2017 - By

Have an answer to this question?

Answer: Our free shipping takes 3-7 business days!

10/10/2017 - By

Question: How does this ball compare to the Vlack Widow Legend?

12/20/2017 - By

Have an answer to this question?

Answer: It will perform the exact same way, it is just a different color.

12/27/2017 - By

Question: Will this ball work for traditional drilling and one who throws a back up

12/30/2017 - By

Have an answer to this question?

Answer: Yes, of course!

1/5/2018 - By

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