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Radical Counter Attack Pearl

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Radical Counter Attack Pearl

Radical Bowling Technologies Counter Attack Pearl uses the Ai-20 pearlized coverstock and a symmetric core to create a ball that goes long and flips on the backend, perfect for medium to light lane conditions. This ball was created to follow in the footsteps of the original Rack Attack Pearl bowling ball.

  • Color: Red Pearl
    All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown
  • Core: Modified Light Bulb
  • Finish: 500, 1000, Crown Factory Polish
  • Length: Long
  • Breakpoint Shape: Medium
  • RG: 2.562 (15# ball)
  • Diff: 0.023 (15# ball)
  • A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal
  • SKU: RB60106153
  • Product ID: 12079
  • Brand: Radical
  • Category: Bowling Balls
  • Ball Performance: Mid Performance Balls

Customer Reviews | 2 Customer Questions

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5 Stars based on 6 Reviews
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By Clh from Lake Villa, IL
5/5 Stars

A lot of length and a ton of hook.


None for me.

Bottom Line:

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Excellent ball for a full roller.

As a full roller, this ball has a lot more hook potential than some of my upper mid performance balls I have. Has length and a ton of hook.

By Christopher D from Merrill, WI
5/5 Stars
Bottom Line:

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

70 x 4 x 25 - PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ - Speed - 15mph

Clean, very clean. This is a weaker core/cover ball combination so do not be afraid to drill it stronger, unless you are heavily rev dominant. Compared to the Counter Attack Solid, I am a couple boards farther right with more length and a more defined backend reaction. This would be used for those drier house patterns and when the fronts are completely gone.

By Scott Crawford from Allen, TX
5/5 Stars

Amazing value, Clean good length, Good backend shape

Bottom Line:

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

My Go-To Ball for Dry Conditions

The Counter Attack Pearl has become my go to for dry lane conditions. With a similar symmetric core and the same cover as the great Rack Attacks, this ball is very clean but still offers nice back end motion (the solid is smoother). I drilled mine 70 x 4.5 x 30 and I am about 16 mph (at the pins) and around 425 rev rate. We bowl the second set of league and this ball usually makes an appearance for me when I want to get back right some in the track area instead of going extremely far left when it's broken down and everyone is going to the same place. This allows me to roll the ball well and not over throw something stroger. I have also had success with it on fresh house patterns too that are not high volume.
This video is early in the morning practice that is on a house pattern that is beat up pretty good from the night before still and quite dry. This is the perfect example of when I use this ball.

Image Submitted by Reviewer:
Video Submitted by Reviewer:
By Trackbowler Bob from Pacifica, CA.
5/5 Stars
Bottom Line:

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Radical Counter Attack Pearl, more than a straight ball.

Likes: So I ordered a few pieces from Brands of Brunswick and the Radical Counter Attack Pearl was kind of a last minute throw in. I was figuring I would try a different piece and it could double as a spare ball. As it turns out I like what I'm seeing as a first ball out of the bag. I'm able to keep my lines in front of me. The ball has easy length through the fronts & mids but still has a good kick at the pins and kicks the corners out pretty well. I even used it early at a recent Regional event on the Mark Roth 42' pattern and it gave me a good look outside that many people didn't have. I would say it is similar to the Track Tundra Pearl, maybe a couple boards straighter and a little more kick. The pearl Red makes this a good looking ball too.

By Chuck from Maryland
5/5 Stars
Bottom Line:

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Very effective on dry to medium lanes

Counter Attacks - As this was my first dip into the "Radical" pool, I wanted to get balls that I would be able to use frequently. Being a Senior player with a rev rate around 250 - 300, I decided that the Counter Attacks would be a good start. Having a 2.575 RG and Diff of .023, these 2 pieces are very close to the EBI equipment I had been using for league. Both the Solid and the Pearl utilize and updated version of the Rack Attack Core along with the respective Ai-20 covers. Both balls were laid out identical at 70 x 4.5 x 35 making it not only easy to compare to each other but to my EBI equipment as well.
Counter Attack PEARL - Right off the bat I have to say that Radical hit the mark with this ball as not only a companion to the Solid but as a standalone ball as well. The Pearl fills right in when the heads start to burn and moving left reduces the effectiveness of the Solid. It has significant length and the stored energy provides the necessary movement through the pins. I have also found that with the layout I am using, I am able to move left and open the lane up.
Although I sure the cover could be adjusted, IMO I would leave it as is out of the box. I would however suggest that one regularly clean the surface to keep the reaction as close to OOB as possible.
The Counter Attack Pearl can easily become a mainstay selection in your bowling arsenal.

By Robert from Sanford, N.C.
5/5 Stars
Bottom Line:

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Counter Attack Pearl

Counter Attack Pearl,
I'm a lefty. My ball speed is around 15 mph. My Rev Rate is around 275 rpms.
I recently purchased this ball. I was looking for a ball to use on less volume patterns. Well I was very impressed with this ball. It clean thru the fronts and has good length down the lane. My layout is pin to pap 3 3/4" my Val angle is 30 degrees. I recently bowling in a tournament that was wood and low volume. And was able to stay on top of my mark the whole time. It's a great ball for lower volume patterns.
Robert way

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Can surface be altered,on radical counter pearl

1/19/2020 - By

Have an answer to this question?


Yes, the finish can be changed if you needed a different reaction. However, the manufacturer has the out of the box finish set for the ideal use for this ball. If you change the finish it will react different than the specs show for the ball.

1/23/2020 - By Bowling.Com Staff
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What balls are gd for a low rev bowler

11/26/2020 - By

Have an answer to this question?


It may also depend on your ball speed. If you have a high ball speed and low rev rate then you may need a ball that reads the lanes a little earlier so the ball has enough time to grip and react on the lanes. If you have an average to lower ball speed with a low rev rate then you could use most balls but if the ball says it is rated for medium to lighter oil then for your style it would do better in lighter oil.

11/28/2020 - By Bowling.Com Staff
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