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What's So Great About Bowling?

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Posted Aug 10, 2015 In: Bowling News | Bowling Terms | Coach's Corner | Special Note
By Bowling.com

There are so many great things about bowling that I don't even know where to begin. First things first, bowling is so great because just about everyone on this planet can do it. Not only does everyone have the ability to do it, but they can do it at almost anytime of the year! There is no certain weather needed to bowl. Unless you find an outdoor bowling alley, which are pretty awesome I must add.

As far as costs go, bowling is one of the cheapest sports. Meaning you don't need to spend a lot of money on this sport. Especially if you order from bowling.com! You can get the equipment the pros use for great prices. Unlike baseball where a professional model glove costs around four to five hundred bucks!

Bowling is also so great because it's a place where you can be social, meet new people, and make new friends. I can't tell you how many amazing people I have met in my life and stayed in contact with because of the bowling alley. There is just something about bonding with another bowler that just makes sense. Bowlers are among the most affluent and intelligent people on the planet!

Another thing that makes bowling so great, probably the most important one, is that it's fun!! Bowling is so fun! I can't think of a time when I didn't have fun at the alley. Sure there were times when I struggled really bad, but it didn't mean I wasn't having fun. I'm out there having the greatest time of my life every time I'm at the alley. I love bowling and the joy it brings my life!

As I wrap things up as to why bowling is so great, here are a few facts about bowlers in America. There are about 50 million bowlers in America. 33% are adult women, 32% are adult men, and the rest are young folks. 6 million bowlers are real serious and compete in leagues. The average age of a bowler is 28 years. 43% of bowlers are business executives, managers or professionals. 60% of bowlers went to college. The average household income of a bowler is $38,400. 76% of bowlers are married. 75% of them own their own home. And my personal favorite stat is bowlers have an average IQ of 129. With that being said I hope you all have the passion for this sport that I do. Bowl on everyone!

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